Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Reading survey

When I'm deciding what book I want to read I usually check the cover and the cover of a book can make or break a book for me. Which is ironic because I believe in the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" in regards to a person or anything along those lines. I also read what it has to say for a short description on the book, I also like a book with an eye catching title. When I pick a book I look for fiction booked because fiction isn't as boing as fact or anything else. Basically how I choose books. 

In grade 9, 10 and a bit of 11 I felt pretty strongly about reading. In grade 9 I just read smaller books and nothing really all that challenging for grade 9. In grade 10 I decided to step up my game and read longer books and even some fact based books. I got into a series written by Darren Shan and I read about 10 of them, they were pretty good. In grade 11 I only read books that I had to read because I lost interest and never had that much time but I read this book called "house of the scorpion" and it's one of my favorite books now. 

When I'm reading I usually try and picture what's happening to the characters like what's happening in the background or what's surrounding them. I also picture what the characters look like or if the book was a movie and which actor would portray them. I try and key work try go into the detail of the book, sometimes having to re reads some pages in order to understand. 

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