Monday, 2 December 2013

Dialogue and Non Verbal Body Language

"Yo bro," said Jeff while fist bumping his buddy.

"Your tattoos look hella tight," said Phil while feeling Jeffs arms.

"Ya! Can you believe I got these swag tattoos?" He asked. 

"Hell naw man, it's so swag! I want one too," Said Phil.

"You should totally get a tribal tattoo like mine dude!" Demanded Jeff.

While motioning to his arm "You really think so bro?" Wondered Phil.

Putting both hands in the air "Hell ya dude!" Jeff screamed.

"Well where should i get it done?" Phil said skeptically.

"I got mine done at yolo swag ink, so we could go there my bro could hook it up," while  referring to his tattoos, Jeff said.

"Then let's roll bro!" Yelled Phil pointing at the door.

Non Verbal Language

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