Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Buried Life Project

Author's Note:
My name is Jared Courchene I was born in Ottawa, where i lived for a few months before returning to my home reserve Sagkeeng First Nation. I'm only 17 and soon turning 18 and I'll be considered an adult which is scary because I'm way too immature and not ready to start my life after highschool. But because I'm in highschool it makes most of the things on my list way too hard, because most things i can do tomorrow, while others I won't be able to accomplish later in life or not at all.

1. Travel the world
2. Skydive
3.Save a cat from a tree
4. Run into a burning building to save someone
5. Be spiderman
6. Go cliff jumping
7. Play college lacrosse
8. Build a tree house
9. Drive my dream car
10. Go hunting
11. Get a tattoo
12. Graduate highschool
13.  Read lord of the rings
14. Go to a jets playoff game
15. Learn a language
16.  Learn to play the guitar
17. Win a championship in 2014
18. Go to tomorrow land
19. Go to country fest
20. Meet Leonardo Dicaprio
21. Be on big brother
22. Learn how to cook
23. Have a vintage video game night
24. Meet Jim Carrey
25. Go to the olympics
26. Get in a fight
27. Win a lifetime supply of something
28. Go on a hunger strike
29. Make a zestos wrap
30. Run a marathon for a good cause
31. Grow a solid movember stache
32. Grow my hair out
33. Be a male stripper
34. Ride a horse
35. Beat St.Pauls in any sport
36. Eat 3 Zestos wraps in one sitting
37. Have kids
38. Be in an action movie
39. Travel with my friends
40. Climb a mountain
41. Donate blood
42. Meet Jacob Trouba
43. Go down niagra falls in a barrel
44. Donate hair
45. Go in a kangaroo pouch
46. Break a record
47. Get a message in a bottle
48. Go ice fishing
49. Catch a chicken with my bare hands
50. Visit a hot springs
52. Stick my head out of a moving limo
53. Fly a plane
54. Sing Karaoke
55. Buy a house

Now What:
For my now what #7 Play college lacrosse should really be number 1 on my list because its one of the things on my list that i want to accomplish the most. I'm already a few steps into completing my goal because, well I'm almost graduated highschool with decent marks which I need to get into a school. I also booked my SAT's and have been studying because I will be taking them this saturday. Along with the process I need to talk to coaches of schools and show them I'm interested, Me, Colin and also Asthon have been talking to a school in Tennessee and we might be going there together. Other than that we will have to wait and see if I can fulfill my goal and dream, thanks for watching.


  1. I think it's pretty cool that you're thinking about heading to the sates to play collage lacrosse ! Good luck

  2. You had some good visuals in your video, good luck with your SATs!

  3. I liked the song you chose. Good luck on your sats. I'm sure you will do fine and get into a collage. I would also like to meet Jacob trouba.

  4. Sick that you guys want to go to college together and continue your dreams of playing college laxs. Hope y'all do do that.

  5. That's super cool how you already know what you want to do, and that you're looking at colleges already. Good luck on your SATs!

  6. That's really cool that all 3 of you guys are taking your SAT's and hoping to play lacrosse in the states! I really hope that you can achieve that goal! Good luck

  7. Good luck getting ion playing college lacrosse! I liked how your bucket list items were funny. It have your project a lot of personality.

  8. Good job with all the original visuals and good luck on your SAT's on Saturday!

  9. I like that you included your family in your video. Good luck in pursuing your dream to play college lacrosse in the states

  10. I liked that your Now What was something you want to accomplish in the near future and a goal that will take a lot of work to get to.

  11. I thought that your now what was awesome. Playing a sport in the US is one of my dreams and really hope you End up playing College lacrosse in the US. You'll do great!

  12. I liked your video, good luck with SAT's!

  13. I thought your video and goals were really good, I had a few of the same ones on my list! Good luck on your SAT's!

  14. i really liked your video! its pretty cool that you want to go play college lacrosse, good luck on your SAT's!

  15. I liked how your list wasn't all crazy stuff but simple things!

  16. I thought your video was really well done! Good luck with your SATs this Saturday, hope you do well and get to live your dream of playing college lacrosse!

  17. I think your video was really good! I hope you do well on your SATs and accomplish your goal of playing lacrosse.