Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite Detached.

It was my third and final trip to space. It was 1 day before we were set to return to earth, I was doing the usual business of taking photos of the large red planet that we have been orbiting. The red planet seemed to be very dead and was really boring, nothing exciting ever happened, but the next day I won't forget. We were almost ready to leave and I was out there again busily taking photos when I noticed a small dot that looked like it was leaving the planet, it came closer and zoomed passed us, I  was detached. As i was floating away slowly getting further and further from my spaceship utterly helpless. The small dot that went by so fast I couldn't make out what it was I assumed it was a ship from the planet because it flashed as it went by. Before I knew it I couldn't see my ship at all, immediately thought I was done for then boom. I was aboard the ship that I expected to have doomed me in the first place. Abducted. Then I awake in my home, no recollection of what happened on the ship what happened?

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