Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Reading assignment #5.

1. Wondering what my brother Alex is up to? #TheBrick
2. The rushing, sickening feeling I got when I fest saw my Biot #Awful
3. Crazy to think if my Biot is destroyed I literally go #Crazy
4. Still thinking about Plath #Subtweet 
5. So confused for the test set for me #WhatToExpect?
6. I guess you can call me Keats #FakeName 
7. I wonder where Nijinsky gets his clothes #Stylish 
8. The view at the nano level will take getting used too #MindBlowing
9. Never got to know you that well... #RipVincent
10. Can't be sure to trust Caligula #Frenemies
11. Scary. Never mess with Caligula #LessonLearned
12. Will it always be a bloodbath with BZRK? #Scared
13. Will I love up to the challenge of keepin Plath alive? #IHope
14. Plath and I are becoming closer in the short amount of time I've known her 
15. What is with Wilkes? Why is she so agitating #DamnIt

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