Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Imagery paragraphs

1. Why did you select this passage?
I picked it because it immediately made me imagine what it would look, feel and sound like. 
2. What type of imagery is most common? 
For the quotes I picked I think kinesthetic  was the most common although I see it as the most challenging to write about, I can feel exactly what they were describing. 
3. what is the best snippet of imagery within this passage? Why is it so effective?
I think the kinesthetic imagery when it says how Noah's arm was probably numb and I knew exactly what it meant and I could relate to it right away. 
4. Is the imagery positive or negative? How do you know? Give some words as examples to support this. 
I think most of the text is neutral because I couldn't find any words that support a negative or positive effect. 
5. What mood/emotion is being created by the author? How do you know? 
The author is trying to make us feel bad for Sadie (Plath) because in the full quote she was having a bad dream about her dead family. 
6. What is the purpose of this piece of imagery? The purpae of this piece of imagery is to give more detail to Sadie's dream and give the reader a better understating of it. 

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