Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thinking about dialogue.

1. Me and Colby went to the gym, followed a few people around up stairs and listened to some people in the power mech hallway. We listened the gym people for about 5 minutes, the people we followed upstairs for about 5 minutes also and the people in power mech hallway for a brief minute. The conversations were between 3 groups of different people we didn't know. It felt like we we shouldn't have been listening but at the same time it was funny. 
2. Some people like to use sound effects while talking, example "just whip the ball at him like whoosh" and when regarding a sock conversation you can see how boys who normally wouldn't care about it they would love to hear it from a girl. 
3. Creeping on people and hearing them talk helps expand your dialogue because not all people talk the same as you. 
4. Personality and character are revealed through conversation because most of the time you can judge how someone will speak by the way they look, but in some cases that is not true at all. 
5. The conversation becomes less intimate and becomes people trying to be more funny or show of rather than showing their feelings through a personal one on one conversation.
6. There tends to be a leader/leaders in the conversation and everybody else seems to talk about what the leader is saying.
7. Texting people tend to let there feelings out more, maybe this is because they don't have to see the persons facial expression which could lead to them getting hurt. 

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