Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Quickwrite -Minions

If I had a set of minions for a week I would try and live that week up to the fullest, I would live like a king! I would make them do the basic things in life for me, feed me, bathe me, and maybe even do my homework. I don't know if they would be very smart, based on the movie I would say they aren't too intelligent but that doesn't matter as long as my homework's done. On day 1 we would all go out and have fun on the beach. On day 2 we would go to an amusement park for the whole day! On day 3 we would just have a loaf day and just watch movies. On day 4 we can clean the whole house. On day 5 we would go to a big sporting game. On day 6 I would let the minions do whatever they wanted. On day 7 I would throw a HUGE going away party for the little minions, they would realize they love me so much and stay forever. The end.

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