Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Quickwrite - alien stick up.

"Don't tell them where you are" whispered the blue man. I had no say in what to do because he was pointing a gun straight at me. I was talking to my family on the phone and the only thing they wanted to know was my location, I simply told them to not worry and that I'll be home soon. I couldn't figure out why the blue man had kidnapped me and what he and his monkey wanted with me. The monkey smelled horrendous, like it was bathed in dirty water and wiped down with dirty clothes. This blue man and his gun was nothing like I've ever seen before, and whenever he talked it's like the movement of his mouth didn't correspond with what I heard. "Let's go now" he demanded. I didnt know where we were or where we were going but we all left the crowded phone booth, I wasn't sure if it smelled worse than the monkey or not. So we started walking, it was a rainy night and we seemed to go on forever. We were in the middle of nowhere, and finally the man yelled "STOP, now start digging". This was it I thought I'll never get home to my family. Well I knew I was gonna die, I decided to try and go out with a fight. I swung my shovel at the monkey and struck him in the face, it hit the ground hard and wasn't moving. Now I had to try take out the towering blue man, but he was already gone. I was sitting in the middle of the desert alone, I look over to the monkey and it was also gone, I made my way home and me and my family moved towns and I tried to forget what happened. 

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