Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Quickwrite - Island

It was a beautiful island! We never got to meet the people who sold it to us and me and my friends Ashton, Dirty Dan, Colin and Colby all decided to chip in only a dollar each to buy the place! It was weird they only sold it to us for 5 bucks but who can complain? It's a freaking island I mean that's pretty neat. We were finally all heading out there in order to check it out and have a little vacation, It was pretty far out in the middle of no where with no cell service. We were finally getting there and it cost us 00 times more to get there than it did to buy it so we were ready to party. At first the island seemed pretty nice, lots of trees and some creepy caves for exploring, then we started notice some strange things a lot of our stuff was going missing.. No matter we were having fun! Then while we were all just walking around when we notice a cute little monkey! Colin stepped up and tried to feed it a banana, then without all of us thinking it would happen the monkey ate Colin's hand. Soon more monkeys come from smelling the blood, the next thing we know he's dead. Didn't matter though the rest of us got away safe in my helicopter.#784
five-dollar island

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